Transfer and Postings -Tvl Rajesh Lakhoni, IAS, Chandra Sekhar Sakhamuri, IAS, Dr D Karthikeyan, IAS, V Sampath, IAS, M Mathivanan, IAS and Tmt V Amuthavalli, IAS - Notified
IAS - Transfers and Postings- Orders-Issued
Transfers and Postings - Arun Sundar Thayalan, IAS (Thiru) G.K.; and John Louis, IAS (Thiru) A. - Further orders - Issued.
Post of Special Officer for the formation of Chengalpet District and Tenkasi District in the Senior Scale of IAS - Sanctioned
Transfer and Posting-Thiru V.Rajaraman,IAS - Notified
Transfers and Postings-Notified
Postings - Uma, IAS (Dr.) S; Gladstone Pushparaj, IAS (Thiru) A.R. - Notified
Transfer and postings - Arunraj, IAS (Thiru) S. - Notified.
Transfer and Postings - Palanisamy, IAS (Thiru) S. - Notified.
Transfer and Postings - Thiru S. Krishnan, IAS - Orders - Issued.
Transfer and Posting- Thiru K.Shanmugam,IAS -Notified
Transfers and Postings - Vijayalakshmi, IAS (Tmt.) M.; Vinay, (Dr.) T.G.; Raman, IAS (Thiru) S.A.; Rajasekar, IAS (Thiru) T.S.; Seethalakshmi, IAS (Tmt.) R.; Shanmugasundaram, IAS (Thiru)A.; and Rohini R. Bhajibhakare, IAS - Notified.
Transfer and Postings - Nagarajan, IAS (Thiru) S.; Balaji, IAS (Thiru) M.; and Rajaraman, IAS (Thiru) V. - Notified.
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