Indian Administrative Services, Tamilnadu



Transfers and Postings

 Date Details
Transfer and Postings - Tvl Rajesh Lakhoni, IAS, Kumar Jayant, IAS and Praveen Kumar, IAS - Notified
IAS - Sandeep Saxena, IAS (Dr) - Appointment as Chief Electoral Officer, Tamil Nadu - Notification of Election Commission of India - Republished
Appointment - Sandeep Saxena, IAS (Dr.) - Notified - Further Orders - Issued.
Transfers an Postings - Tvl S Nagarajan, IAS, Sajjansingh R Chavan, IAS K Baskaran, IAS, V K Shanmugam, IAS Dr S Prabakharan, IAS and P Senthilkumar, IAS - Notified
Transfers and Postings - Tmt P Amudha, IAS, Thiru Har Sahay Meena, IAS, Tmt Smita Nagaraj, IAS, Tmt G Latha, IAS and Dr Santhosh Babu, IAS - Notified
IAS - Transfers and Postings - Reg
IAS- Appointments-Orders-Issued
IAS - Postings - 2012 Batch (RR)-Notified
Thiru S.Ganesh,IAS- Services placed at the disposal of Corporation of Coimbatore-Orders-Issued
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